Empower @ Made New

Facebook CoverWe believe values, faith and work should intersect. That’s why we’ve created this ministry. To help you explore in a practical everyday work experience what it means to allow these to merge together in beautiful, creative ways.

Research has demonstrated that creating a space where entrepreneurially-minded people interact and work results in creative solutions to various social problems. The gospel seeks to transform not only lives but also the church and the communities within which they reside. Far too often, the church in North America has focused its sites on seeking just the transformation of the individual. This foreshortens the impact the Gospel is meant to have. Jesus came to overturn cultural, societal, and systematic norms and structures that inhibited personal well-being, were detrimental to creation, and caused the oppression and disenfranchisement of people and people groups.

That’s why we started Empower @ Made New. It’s a cowork ministry aimed at these outcomes.

This space is not about providing a place to work. Rather its about the nature of thriving that can emerge for those utilizing the space, the companies, organizations, and churches the represent, and the common problems they are trying to address: the betterment of society.

A Christian vision of the world is one that empowers all people. We desire to see the image of God in all people emerge in its full and inspiring beauty. This diversity leads to deeper insight, more creativity, and richer solutions. For this reason, we highly encourage minorities and women to apply. Need-based scholarships are available.

Membership is based on suggested donations to the ministries of Made New Church

  1. Gold Membership $250 (Private keyed Office, 24-7 access).
  2. Silver Membership $175 (Private desk, 24-7 Access)
  3. Bronze Membership $100 (Shared desks/tables, M-F, 8-5 access)
  4. Day Membership: $10/day

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